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Permanent location
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Photographic medium

Index — Material

2 pairs of mirrored stainless steel tables, screen printed then glued on frame
220 000 high density polyethylene blocks, Shimmering yellow fabric
3 reproduced sculptures (125% of original size) or 6 reproduced sculptures in original size, LED screen 16:9 (12x6,75m), 229 shakedown beds, approx. 10 000 science fiction books, sound
35mm film, couleur, color, son, sound
72 desert granite columns
7506 barrels
A ton of reflective stainless steel sheet, strobe device
Acrylic and bondo on fiberglass
Acrylic and oil on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas, bough
Acrylic on paper
Acrylic paint on canvas
Acrylic paint on wood
Acrylic paint, wood panel
Acrylic paint, wood, paper
Acrylic, resin, canvas
Airbrush on synthetic plaster, illuminated plinth
Aluminium, brass, wood, glass, electromotor
Aluminium, oil, lead, dust and varnish on glass
Aluminium, steel, fiber wood, rubber matting, fiber reinforced plastic
Auto-adhesive aluminium film, paint
Balloon, synthetic fabric, basket
Basalt rock, salt crystals, earth, water
Beech, pine
Bicycle wheel, painted wood stool
Black and white photographs
Black ink, charcoal, sanguine
Black tubes, blue filters, light projection, sound
Black-and-white and color photographs, vinyl paint, oil tint, mounted on five panels
Breeze blocks, cables, wood
Breeze blocks, wood, cables
Brick, plaster, paint, glass, aluminum, MDF, carpet, 20 heels, 6 Prada handbags
Bronze and ceramics
Bronze with silver nitrate patina, stainless steel, marble
Bronze, welded galvanized steel chair
Bronze, wood Northern Red Oak
Building fragments, painted wood, metal, plaster, glass
Burnished bronze statue, tulle tutu, satin ribbon, wooden plinth
Canvas, metal
Car paint on aluminum
Cardboard, glass, metal, beer
Cardboard, paper, string, pencil
Carrara marble, travertine, porphyry
Carved and gilded wood covered with red velvet, decorated with silver embroidery
Carved oak, mirror
Cast bronze, epoxy primer, urethane paint, acrylic polyurethane topcoat, acrylic glass, gas discharge lamp, stainless-steel framework
Ceramic, bronze, white and gray granite
Charchoal on canvas
Chrome aluminium
Chrome-plated steel, wood, glass, aluminium, plexiglass, electromotor
Circular brick wall sculpture with sandstone coping
Circular brick wall sculpture with sandstone elements
Collage, paper, textile
Color lithograph
Color photograph, white pencil
Concrete casting, painted bronze
Concrete, metal, phosphorescent paint
Concrete, software, display with green and red LEDs, automaton, power supply, cables, polished stainless steel
Concrete, steel, aluminium, impact modified acrylic, LED illumination
Concrete, steel, stainless steel
Convex mirrors
Copper alloy of zinc and tin, pieces of clothing
Cornflower Blue, Spa, Blush, and Lagoon laminated glass
Corten steel
Crystal, feathers
Digital chromogenic print
Dining-plates and saucers mounted from floor to ceiling
Driftwood, nail
Enamel paint on canvas
Fiberglass, crystals, glitter shell
Fiberglass, wood, wheels, engine
Fibre glass, metal
Fluorescent alkyd resin on canvas
Foam, aqua resin, acrylic paint, and synthetic hair with metal base
Formica on wood
Gel coat, polyester resin, fiberglass
Gelatin silver print
Glass, enamel, cementum, grayscale, photogram, burnt oak tree wood, concrete
Glass, painted steel, silicone, monofilament, shark, formaldehyde solution, 3 parts
Granite, dolerite, augen gneiss
Graphite pencil on museum board
Hand-woven Aubusson wool tapestry
HD Video
Hot-dipped galvanized steel
Inkjet print on paper
Inner tubes, metallic wires
Installation, wood, metal, varied materials
Insulating tape
Iron, copper, wood
Iron, copper, wood, cables
Iron, wood, motor, various objects
Lacquer paint on aluminum
Lacquered epoxy resin
Leather and steel
Letraset on paper
Light bulbs, plastic light sockets, extension cord and dimmer switch
Lime paint
Magnetic metal and plastic elements
MDF, bitumen, epoxy resin
Metal, wood, glass, electromotor
Metalized polyester film with helium
Metallic paint on canvas
Mirror and acrylic glass
Mirror foil, wooden frame substructure, vibration system
Mixed media
Mixed media, video
Neon, canvas, wood
Oil and lacquer on paper
Oil on canvas
Oil on linen
Oil on panel
Oil on photopaper and vinyl, plexiglas, metal, magnets, styrofoam floats with lead keels in a pool
Oil on plywood
Oil on poplar board
Oil on poplar wood transposed on canvas
Oil paint on canvas
Oil paint on plywood
Oil paint on steel
Oil, enamel and aluminum paint on canvas
Oil, pant fragments, necktie, wood, fabric, newspaper, printed paper, and printed reproductions on wood with metal bucket, metal chain, door knob, L brackets, metal washer, nail, and rubber wheels with metal spokes
Oil, tape, paper, charcoal and pencil on canvas
Oil, varnish, lead sheet, lead wire on glass panels
Paint and fabric
Paint and flocking on canvas
Paint on canvas
Paint, wood
Painted aluminium
Painted canvas stretched on wooden frameworks, painted wood
Painted wood
Painted wood furniture, reeds, Caucasian rug, library and postcard display
Painted wood, glass
Painting, glass, wood
Paper, cardboard, glass, plaster, mirror, wood, stone, metal, paint, various materials and electric lighting
Paper, color lithography
Pastel on paper mounted on canvas
Pencil on paper
Photographic color print on gloss paper
Photographic installation, posters printed on Tyvek
Plaster with paint
Plaster, stones
Platinum Palladium Print
Plywood veneer, basswood, honeycomb panels, paint
Plywood, paint
Polyester resin, silicone rubber, acrylic paint, polyurethane, pollen, steel
Polyester, wood, paint
Polyurethane, resin, painted polyester
Polyvinyl, polychromed in oil, mixed media, with accessories
Print and watercolor on paper
Print on fabric, dried clay, wood
Resin, colored water, pumps, pipes, varied materials
Resin, synthetic hair, clothing, electronics, steel drum
Restored 1974 Porsche 914, 390 pound meteorite, steel structure
Screen printing on cotton paper, embroidery
Screen-print on canvas
Silver mirror, plexiglas, plastic, synthetic material, metal
Sphere covered with crumpled stainless steel plates, projectors
Stainless steel
Stainless steel and enamel
Stainless steel, cast aluminum, polyurethane foam, electric motor
Stainless steel, steel
Steel and reflective paint
Steel and wood
Steel, books, and plastic sheeting
Steel, fiber-reinforced plastic, polyvinyl chloride foam
Steel, paint
Steel, red oxyde paint
Steel, sequoia
Straw, cellulose, plush, knitted wool
Streched canvas, paint
Styrofoam and pigmented polyurethane foam
Suspended cubes Laminated UV printed duplex sheet, cotton rope coated in printed Lycra, magnets
Synthetic polymer paint and silkscreen ink on wood
Tempera, raw cotton canvas
Tent, electrical appliance, object
Triple mesh, shotcrete, pigments
Two, angled, mirrored, steel sheets and two different-sized stones
Type C photograph
Vapour, shingles
Vinyl and acrylic on coulour photograph
Vinyl on wooden stretcher
Vinyl paint on wood
Wall carpet (felt), wood and plastic film
Wall painting
Wall painting on site (3 walls)
Wall sticker
Wash drawing
Waterpaint on canvas
Wax, oil, newspaper, charcoal on canvas
Weatherproof steel
White cotton fabric, hand-embroidery
White stone from Chauvigny, bronze
Wood dowelling, chain, hooks
Wood, metal
Wood, paint
Wood, photographs
Wood, plaster, plexiglass, paint, water pump, hose, water
Wood, plaster, polyester, photograph, glass
Wood, plastic, metal
Wood, screws, gas cooker, 5 poufs, 5 groundsheets, television, videotape recorder
Wooden boat covered with metal
Wool and silk tapestry
Wool, plywood, ceramic, metal, paper, plaster, concrete, wood, plastic, transparency slide, stone, jade, lipstick, looking glass